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Cooking is a secondary profession which allows players to combine various ingredients such as fish or meat into delicious food and drink items which can be consumed to restore health and mana, as well as to grant combat buffs. This skill is often paired with Fishing, since leveling the latter often provides the materials needed for Cooking.

Cooking | Classic WoW Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia – When traveling around the world, players will often receive pieces of meat, which, instead of being sold to merchants, could be used to create food. Food gained through cooking is nearly free and it is actually much more effective than purchasing from a vendor. Training . Players need to find an NPC who can teach them to Cook.

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Helen Yancey is a cooking trainer in Booty Bay, down under the bank, by the fisherman. A cooking trainer is an NPC that offers cooks the opportunity to train and learn recipes.

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WoW 1-300 / 375 Cooking Guide & recipes. When you get to the third quest you’ll get the recipe for Smoked Desert Dumplings. Kill Dredge Crushers and Strikers for the Sandworm Meat (low drop rate). You’ll only need about 10 more than the quest needs plus the soothing spices (about 20 in total). Cook till 300.

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** Kylene teaches 3 cooking recipes to player with high cooking skill. **** Dirge Quickcleave was a quest giver prior to Patch 3.1.0 that taught you Artisan Cooking from completing a quest, clamlette surprise. However, now you can learn Artisan Cooking from trainers, and as such no longer need the quest.

World of Warcraft Patch 3.1.0 Released – Several new spells and abilities have been added for select classes. Players will need to visit their class trainer to learn new spells. All Ground Mounts may now swim without dismounting the rider..

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